What? When? Why? How? These were all the questions going through my head when writing this blog. Knowledge is power and we want  you to feel more informed along  your scoliosis journey…

Firstly, the scientific scoliosis facts blew me away and widened my eyes in shock of some of the facts I didn’t know… Let’s start:

Did you know girls are more at risk of developing scoliosis? I was a little offended at first but according to research studies conducted by the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons, scoliosis occurs 10 times more often in girls than boys above the age of 10. As Beyonce once said: who runs the world… GIRLS!

Have a look at our Instagram video below all about ‘What is Scoliosis?‘:

Furthermore, most cases of scoliosis have no known cause and there’s a 30% chance someone in your family has had it too! So don’t beat yourself up, this makes you unique and leads me onto my next fact…

Did you know that 2-3% of the UK population has scoliosis… sounds small but with 200 million people worldwide we have a proud amount and we share this percentage with famous celebrities and athletes ( you can bolt over (pun intended 🙂 ) to our previous blog about which celebrities have scoliosis and their own stories here!)

There are also some great UK associations  campaigning for scoliosis such as SAUK, have a look at my story on their instagram below:

Moving onto some more interesting facts about scoliosis:

 I was blown away when I found out the word ‘scoliosis’ is derived from the Ancient Greek word σκολίωσις (skoliosis), which literally meant ‘a bend‘ or ‘a twisting’. 

Additionally, did you know Alexander the Great and Richard III (king of England in 1483-85) had scoliosis which he use to disguise with his flamboyant clothing. 

However, my favourite fact of them all where I laughed when I found out, was that animals can suffer from scoliosis too! The condition has been found to exist in dogs, cats, horses, fish, and a number of other creatures… so we’re making an impact above and below land!  Look how cute Pito the Cat with scoliosis was!

All these scoliosis facts blew me away and made me an even prouder member of our community! If you enjoyed these fun facts make sure to check out some of our other blogs where we look into a beginners guide to Pilates and so many other interesting articles… see you there! 

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Lily Harris