Length: 20 minutes

Equipment: None

Deep lateral breathing

x10 deep breaths

Start seated comfortably. Place hands on your ribs and breathe deeply, filling your ribcage.

Top Tips

Think about breathing into your belly as opposed to your chest.


Ability to use deeper breaths throughout other movements and to manage pain

Knee hugs

As long as feels good! Approx. x1 min

Lift both legs up into your chest and hug them close, gently rolling side to side or holding still depending on what feels best.

This is a great release for your lower spine.

Top Tips

It may help to add a cushion under your bottom to lift your hips and help a tighter hug with your knees.


Increased mobility through lower back – use of this move appropriately to manage pain

Side lying chest openers

x8-x10 each side

Lying on your side with head on a block, straighten both arms out in front of you. Open the top arm to come behind you, rotating your rib cage and turning your head to watch the arm.

Top Tips

For a deeper stretch, pop your top knee over the bottom one to rest onto the floor in front.


Increased mobility through thoracic spine, shoulders and chest

Legs up against wall relax

As long as feels good! Up to x5 mins

Sit next to the wall with your legs resting up in front of you, and relax!


Top Tips

Feel your body sink into the ground and focus on your breath in this hold.


Completion of move when needed, applying deep breathing throughout