Virtual Build & Breathe Studio

Well, this is exciting!

I’m pleased to announce that our virtual Pilates studio is set to launch in Spring 2021, creating an accessible, on-demand option to practise Pilates in the comfort of your own home.

We’re working hard creating a diverse library, from challenging workouts to technique basics and everything in-between. Designed by our founder Emily who has a spinal fusion, we use an adapted style of Pilates with no flexion or excessive rotation through the spine – read, no crunches!

If you’d love to know more and join our Build & Breathe Pilates community, you can sign up to our waiting list for updates on the platform here:


I wanted to do one to one classes with Em because of her understanding and compassion to those with spinal fusions. I wanted to understand my body more than I do and the way I move. I’ve gained so so much more flexibility! As well as my flexibility and my chronic pain improving massively, I’ve noticed an amazing difference in my mental health. I was so scared during lockdown I would suffer horrendously from anxiety again, and even though I’ve had off days (like we all have), my mental health has been the best it’s been and I honestly think that’s all thanks to Em and her classes.


Private client since May

After only a few weeks I can already see the improvement both in class and in my day to day activity, and the progress that I’m making that is really motivating. I’m finding that regular Pilates is really helping with my pain management - before when my back was a bit twingy I’d take paracetamol, but now I do a few stretches to ease the pain! Whether you’ve had a spinal fusion or not, you’ll gain so much from Em’s classes. Her enthusiasm and positivity for Pilates and the difference it can make to your life is totally infectious and you’ll find yourself falling in love with it too!


Private client since May