My Scoliosis Surgery Journal


Introducing your guide to your scoliosis surgery!

Em had her spine fused 11 years ago and since trained as a Pilates teacher, and Olivia just reached her 1 year spine-iversary and is passionate about connecting our community. We know where your head is at, how your life is about to change, and all of the emotions you’re set to experience.

But best of all, we know how to make things easier.

In this guide you’ll find our surgery preparation tools, recovery advice, spinal fusion adapted exercises, and wonderfully thoughtful journal pages designed for recognising and processing every stage of your journey. 

We’re here to hold your hand on the trickier days and boost you up on the better ones. It’s going to be tough but you can and will handle it. Everyone’s spinal fusion experience will be unique, but we do have one thing in common. We’ve got emotions to process and a lot of strengthening to do, both to prepare pre-op and to recover post-op.

Please note all movement is just suggestions based on our own experience . Dependent on advice from your surgeon, not all movement mentioned will be suitable and you must discuss any new exercise with your consultant during your appointments before starting.

Enjoy your Scoli Surgery journal – we hope this will make a big impact on guiding you through your journey and as you recover. Good luck – you’ve got this.