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What is Pilates?

Pilates focuses on building strength, stability and mobility. A lot of traditional movements focus on core strength, and over time this has grown to include a focus on posture and balance amongst others.

Pilates was create by Josef Pilates, who was very frail as a child and used movement to become strong and overcome his ailments – I love this story as it feels so similar to mine, developing my own style of movement to work with my fused spine.

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Was Pilates helpful with recovery from your spinal fusion?

Pilates helped my recovery in so many ways – physically, it’s been an incredible tool to build strength, regain flexibility and nurture my relationship with my body, allowing me to grow my confidence to get moving again – I was a dancer before my operation so being inactive for so long was torture!

Practising Pilates has also helped me with managing anxiety and chronic pain by giving me headspace to reset and slow the day down – especially bringing my focus onto my breath and feeling a sense of achievement after a session.

Being a Pilates instructor and teaching so many lovely people has been the best part of discovering Pilates – I’ve met so many amazing and supportive people who let me know I’m not alone with my fused spine, and who I can help by getting them moving – it’s an incredible feeling to be connected with you all.

If you’re post op, struggling with pain management or anxiety, why not book onto a trial class and see the benefits of taking time for yourself:

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Can I do a Pilates class if I've never tried it before?

The strengthening and mobilising effects of Pilates is beneficial for everyone at all ages and I would recommend. everyone to have a go! Our trial classes and classes for ‘All-Levels’ are suitable for your very first experience of Pilates, with lots of adaptions and levels provided to make sure you are comfortable joining in.

Our instructor Emily will work closely with you to look at how your body moves, the exercises you do and don’t enjoy, and ensure an enjoyable session.

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Will I see progress from 1 Pilates session a week?

Yes! Many of my clients who have lived relatively sedentary lives have felt benefits even in the first few weeks of practising Pilates, and after a couple of months of regular exercise, the difference is really noticeable, including improvements inĀ  your core strength, flexibility and balance.

For anyone who loves a bit of science (we do!) there was a great study in 2016 looking at the benefits of weekly Pilates – have a read!(https://doi.org/10.1016/j.physbeh.2016.05.025)

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When did you have your fusion? Where are you fused?

I had my fusion nearly 8 years ago when I was 15. I was diagnosed at 14 when I was super active so it was a big shock, especially in my final year of GCSEs.

I’m fused from T5 – L4, so have very limited forwards and backwards flexion. I often experience bad lower back pain when sitting/standing for long periods, and get lots of tension in my upper back which I ease with massage.

Do you teach private 1-2-1 sessions?

Yes I absolutely do, I work closely with a few clients a week to reach personal goals and develop more personal training programs.

Private sessions can be flexible and arranged around your schedule – get in contact to get started:

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