Moving for YOU

Showing you all my odd little body has been harder than I expected – I always loved moving from studying dance in my teens, and that love has still remained.

This stretch is my absolute favourite, I love how it feels to get into a good twist and feel a stretch through my legs. But I’m also aware that for anyone looking, I don’t look like I’m twisting at all – my back stays resolutely flat, where my rods keep it.

I thought about keeping movements out that I couldn’t complete perfectly, but actually movement and exercise is about so much more than how you look – this movement makes me feel energised, awake and strong, no matter how well I can twist.

I know a lot of you have a similar story to me, struggling in group exercise classes and unable to follow online workouts perfectly.

There’s a lot of pressure to work out in a certain way but exercise should be about self care!

Our bodies are all so unique, your body may move differently to others you see online and that’s okay.

If you move in a way that makes you feel good, you’ll enjoy it so much more and this will help remove the stress that surrounds exercise.

Emily Hale