Spinal Fusion Pilates – Monday 7:30pm

£37.50 / month

Join in with our interactive, live Pilates class adapted for Scoliosis & Spinal Fusion. This is an advanced class so bet if you’ve hd some practise at Pilates in the past!

Taught by Lottie who was fused at just 7 years old, we teach a unique style to keep you safe.

Exclusive member access

Upon subscribing, we’ll contact you with a health form to fill out to make sure you’re all okay to join in. You’ll then gain access to your exclusive member area of this site where you’ll be able to directly access the session.


Within your monthly subscription, you’ll be able to access a weekly class in this slot – if you can’t make it one week, don’t worry! Simply get in touch and we’ll book you on to an alternate session to catch up.

Membership is £37.5 a month which includes:

  • Weekly specialised 45 minute class, rotating through various equipment to keep things fun and challenging
  • Ability to ‘catch-up’ any missed sessions on a separate day or week
  • Free access to our new on-demand studio launching this April
  • Additional supplementary exercises/support via Facebook members-only Facebook group
  • Personal support via email outside of class
Full Ts & Cs below: